AI-Driven Encrypted

Health Report Generator

with many Medical Solutions

Gain swift, in-depth health analysis, disease diagnosis, and predictive insights into latent diseases.

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Some of the most Innovative projects worldwide are embracing and supporting our vision paving the way for major collaborations and impactful outcomes.

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Pulse AI is the very first Premier AI-driven health report generator on Telegram, emphasizing user privacy with encrypted PDF health reports. Along with initial health assessments it also identifies latent diseases like diabetes with predictive modeling. Bot also does Advanced disease identification and medication recommendation systems for quick healthcare support. Generate your Medical Report now!

Features of Pulse AI

Pulse AI is an AI-Driven tool for conducting rapid medical diagnoses prior to medical

AI-Driven Encrypted Personlized Health Report

Gain access to AI-driven encrypted personalized health report, ensuring confidentiality and accuracy in diagnosis and medication recommendations.

Disease Diagnosis and Medication

Disease diagnosis and medication suggestions through advanced AI technology for an initial Medical checkup before Medical intervention.

Nutri-AI and Trainer-AI

Access Nutri-AI and Trainer-AI guidance for personalized nutrition and exercise plans, optimizing your health and fitness journey.

Calorie-AI: AI-Powered Calorie Calculator

AI powered Calorie calculator using image or prompt inputs empowering users to effortlessly track their daily dietary intake with precision.

Charity Plus Program


First Aid Kit Distribution:

Distributed first aid kits to 8 underprivileged schools in for student and staff safety.

Health Education Session:

Provided an informative session on general health awareness during the kit distribution in 8 Schools and 2 churches

Health Screening Event:

2 professional Nurses Conducted FREE sugar level and blood pressure tests for many underprivileged members for 2 church communities in Lagos,Nigeria.


Phase 1


  • Finding data sources for RAG. ✔
  • Data Mining: Extracting data from multiple sources (WebMd, Drugs etc.) ✔
  • Data Engineering for RAG and building Vector DB. ✔
  • Build AI predictive models and Evaluation. ✔
  • Implementing REST servers for integration with Models. ✔

Phase 2


  • Complete Pulse AI Bot design and Release Telegram bot final version. ✔
  • Successful Launch of Token.✔
  • Team Telegram Voice Chat and Twitter Spaces✔
  • Wallet integration for Burn Mechanism✔
  • Apply CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.✔
  • Revamp/Improve Website and graphics.✔
  • Holders Milestone: 500+✔
  • Voice to Text feature✔
  • PULSE FIT Program: network of health professionals✔

Phase 3

  • Launch PULSE FIT DApp✔
  • Design Revenue Share program
  • PR Growth: Publish Press articles
  • Release GA version (General Availability)
  • Community growth✔
  • Multi language support✔
  • More to come soon…



Pulse AI is an AI-Driven tool for conducting rapid medical diagnoses prior to medical

1. What is Pulse AI?

PulseAI combines encryption with AI to generate health reports on Telegram, featuring essential tools for swift disease diagnosis and health enhancement.

2. Why is Pulse AI important?

Pulse AI tries to give immediate medical access to Users and solves Limited healthcare access, diagnostic delays and critical healthcare challenges requiring immediate attention.

3. How does Pulse AI work?

PulseAI operates on on-premise Nvidia GPUs, utilizing custom-trained machine learning models and RAG-based prompt models with langchain, TensorFlow, and PyTorch.

4. What AI features are there in Pulse AI?

Advanced AI solutions offering personalized health reports, disease diagnosis, medication recommendations, personalized diet planning, workout recommendations, and calorie calculation.

Join us today.

Our mission is to provide digital healthcare services for diseases and medical conditions that needs immediate attention allowing users to quickly use our services and get an initial checkup to understand the cause and type of medications that would be needed. We also promote healthy lifestyles with our fine tuned GenAI models providing personalized Diet and Workout routines based on users profile.

AI-Driven Encrypted Health Report Generator with many Medical Solutions

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